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Stringer and the Hangman’s Rodeo

Most of the guard detail got away. By then the sun was down, but the sky still glowed red to the west. The attackers were methodically burning yet another plantation of the Pantropic Sugar Trust. It would make it the third in as many weeks.

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This latest attack was obviously not going to be the last. And sugar prices were up, damn it. Pantropic had not invested in new guards and the latest technology only to go out of business during a sugar boom. And so a phone rang before midnight and Sir Basil Hakim listened with a pained expression as his caller described him as a cheating scoundrel, an Armenian rug salesman, and a stupid dwarf.

He lay nude, propped on pillows in his fourposter, and the blonde, with her head between his raised knees, offered a most enjoyable diversion. But business came before pleasure and he ordered her to stop sucking as the tirade over the phone ran down for lack of breath if not inspiration. Since the guns fire, they are obviously not being fired right. I have a very good ordinance man on my payroll.

Like many small men, Hakim liked his bedmates big, but as a man of taste he chose nothing but the best, and she rather resembled a goddess carved from pink marble. The blonde found the book and brought it to him, sitting beside him as she handed it over with a puzzled frown. The one you had so much trouble with in Panama that time? I did try to have him killed a few months ago.

But he got my assassins. I told you he was good. Have you forgotten Captain Gringo has promised to shoot you on sight? A soldier of fortune will fight for the devil, if the price is right. A nd as you above all people should know, I pay top dollar for services rendered. The first name on her passport had been given her by a family who preferred to think she was dead. She still looked like a lady, dressed and on her feet. Unlike many spies, Lilo enjoyed sexual intrigue. That was why she worked for Sir Basil Hakim.

Hakim only dealt in deadly weapons. Neither Captain Gringo nor his little old sidekick, Gaston Verrier, were to be found at the address Sir Basil had given her.

So Lilo was a bit fatigued and not a little worried that afternoon as she made her way to the luxurious quarters of another female spy. Unlike Lilo, she worked for British Intelligence, so the matter was a bit delicate. The other girl was blonde and expecting her. Und dich?

After all, our employers are British, nicht wahr? I understand the Jew you work for is looking for Captain Gringo.


He must be crazy. I know he belongs to the same club as His Highness, the Prince of Wales. I understand you know where Captain Gringo can be found these days. Or should I say nights? We broke up when he found out I worked for the Crown. He strikes me as the usual soldier of fortune, perhaps a bit better looking, and better able to hold his drinks.

Getting Dick into bed is no problem. He likes girls.

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If you want to spend two nights with him, forget what Hakim will have told you. Tell him right away who you are and what you want. They make us play chess when the game is usually checkers. Dick is a very bitter man. He gets angry when people try to play tricks on him.

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