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If the aspie score is 0, that means that all or nearly all aspies scored 0 on that question. If the aspie score is 1. Your score can only be a 0,1 or 2 because those are your choices. However, the mean is an average, so it can be anything between 0 and 2. Thank you, that was helpful.

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But I am wondering why some of the mean scores provided exceeded the value of 2? A few scores were 2. Any ideas why? Wow, that was extremely clear and helpful. This is how I understood it, but like I said. My scores were so close to the apie, I guess I was in a small state of denial. That seems to be a common reaction! I took the online tests many times before I started to accept that I might be on the spectrum.

Before that I just told myself that everyone must score high, because obviously so many of the statements were true. Many of them remain neuropsychiatrically undiagnosed. We use it to direct us how to assist or support the different individuals that come to us for help. In short: if people score aspie-like in this quiz we are usually successful when using methods intended for aspies. And the other way around.


Yes, it does seem like the Aspie quiz is a good indicator of a strong set of aspie traits in those who score high. I came across this test some time ago and have taken it several times over a period of about 2 years. I have found that my scores or higher AS, 30 or lower NT have remained reasonably stable through revisions of the test. When I took the test back in , my Aspie score was , and my NT score was When I took it again last week, my Aspie score was and my NT score was There have been a few rounds of refinement since then, so probably some of each?

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This was interesting. The results were out of for the Aspie, and 85 out of for neurotypical. I cringe even writing that because I think the test is generally one of the most accurate online tests for identifying aspie traits. I have taken it 3 times and gotten , and on the aspie side respectively, and between on the NT side.

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My graph consistantly looks like a blowfish. I think the blowfish shape is fairly common and it also seems common to have some slight variation within a range of scores, depending on you interpret the questions on each go through. It was suggested to me by a CSW at the local hospice after the death of my mother that I was very likely Aspie.

I have felt different and alone all my life, especially when I was younger. However, on the graph, the intellectual side was all Aspie, but no where near as much as yours. Another peculiar thing is that I ended up scoring on the NT side on communication A bit of both, actually, more on NT side though yet Aspie on social.. Your group score: 8. Ultimately, I think it takes a trained professional to sort out the details.

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In addition lots of things can cause psychosis or seem like it, for instance thyroid issues, post traumatic stress disorder, border line personality disorder, depression, anxiety, bi-poilar, brief reactive psychosis, PDD etc……. It could be that you have an introverted personality or are socially awkward, which accounts for your ASD score. I also, as you suggested am introverted. ASD seems to be the overactivity of these traits.

Am I correct? Yes, there are definitely a lot of anxiety related questions on the quiz so that could factor into it. I think that, as you say, everyone has certain traits that are also markers for autism, but the difference between being on the spectrum or not is a matter of degree. So yes, overactivity is a good way of putting it and there are constellations of traits that could and sometimes are alternatively be diagnosed as dyspraxia or ADHD or SPD, etc..

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My scores seem to have mellowed a little bit since last time I took the test: Your Aspie score: of Your neurotypical non-autistic score: 40 of Anyhow, the questions seem to change from time to time, or maybe everytime you take the test. The question I like the most is Do you like unusual sex. So in that sense, usual sex became boring and repetative, so I answered yes I like unusual sex…. There where some other questions I found had to answer too, for instance there was one about being interrupted etc….

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So do I say yes I forget or not. I think part of it is the ambiguous wording — like the one about unusual sex. They probably should have used atypical or outside cultural norms or something less vague than unusual. I just took the test yesterday.

I just decided to seek a professional diagnosis because I notice my kid and boss have worked around my issues — I would just like to be able to cope without people having to work around me. I do not mind having no friends because I am heavily involved in my research projects, but I cannot coach myself as well as I did before to push myself to be like everyone else.

It just got to be too hard to ignore. Like you said, it all starts to feel like a bit much. I hope it goes well for you. I purchased the book. Besides it being English, it comes in a language I really understand. Sounds like your wife is very wise. So I took the test as well … A. But I think had I taken the quiz about 5 or 10 years before the results would have been different with a stronger tendency to the Aspie traits, as after some troublesome years I decided to improve my social skills, e. Still working on the staring thing, though …. There are others like me.

I am the champion of self-censorship. Well, like so many other people on the spectrum. For me, rocking and toe walking have been the major discoveries. I honestly had no idea I did any of that.

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Until I started noticing it more and more. Your instincts are right on. Often, part of the diagnosis process is an interview with a family member, partner or close friend to give the person doing the evaluation additional information. When I took the tests, I remember sending the links to my parents and asking them to take the test, and answer how they think I should answer. The idea was for them to get the results first hand. If anything, I think my numbers may have gone up a tick with someone like my parents, siblings or children answering as they think I would have… based on their life long perceptions of me.

They were done a couple of weeks apart about two years ago. Funny how we all have our family labels, like it or not. I guess? I sort of fall in the middle of the spectrum in my family. Not very noticeable compared to most. That was supposed to be a link to the visual of my spiderweb. Inconclusive — both Aspie and NT traits. I was able to cut and paste the link. There have been a few people here with similar results, showing both aspie and NT traits.

You scored really high on the aspie perception and talent scales but low in many of the other areas, so that might be something to consider in interpreting your scores. Is it wrong to be jealous of your score? Especially the talent thing. I wish mine were as clear cut. Ph34r m3! I think the talent questions are around things like pattern recognition and cataloging information. In fact I might have to stop being so enthusiastic about autism. I mean, there are definite downsides. But I just love the upsides. Um… Hi! The research has led me to believe that I most likely am.

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I just finished taking that quiz you mentioned and my scores were indicative of this as well. The second quiz I took suggested the same. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? It came up when I google searched quizzes.