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And a bit of selfish hope, if the storm is inevitable, that the destructive rain or the damned snails do not touch your vineyard.

To Harvest the Storm Lyrics

Let it be like the usual lottery you never touch. It was raining a few days ago and the water was not harmful. The vines have been able to drink a little, part will have reached the grains and clean the grapes that have arrived cleaner in the wineries.

And now come back to me again. And what has it been like now? In certain places, disasters have occurred.

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Vineyards have been saved. The winegrowers of the Bodegas del Pla and Levant were lucky, they did not hit this lottery.

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  6. But in no case has it affected the vineyards, in any case it has hindered the movement of people and machines by mud, but nothing more. The grapes have not been affected and have not lost quality.

    Heaven Shall Burn – To Harvest The Storm lyrics

    When these rains come, one of the worries is excess moisture because it can cause the appearance of a new disease: botrytis, a fungus that extends over the skin of grapes and feeds from the stern. It is a sophisticated fungus that is capable of nullifying the immune system of the grape. Make a fresh cut on the stem end, holding it underwater in the sink right before placing the bloom in a clean vase full of clean, room temperature water.

    Change your vase water daily to keep flowers fresh longer. What about those fruits and veggies?

    Winter storm slows harvest operations in Saskatchewan

    Just pick those tiny, tender peas, smaller greens, green beans and slightly green tomatoes right off the vine. After all, getting those mini fruits and veggies now are sure better than none at all!

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    These delicate early produce can be your first taste of success, and more will set and mature long after the storm is passed. Smart Thoughts.

    To Harvest the Storm - Heaven Shall Burn (Lyrics video)

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