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A shooting in claimed the life of a 16 year old student while just less than a decade later, a plot to blow up the bridge was uncovered.

A Cold War Bunker, previously hidden, was discovered in Huge celebrations were held on both the th and th anniversary of the bridge's completion. As recently as , protesters were arrested while marching across the bridge in support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Six Going on Seven - How To Sell The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is more than just a cultural icon. At the time, it was a symbol of optimism for the people of New York and the United States.

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Even today, people still make light of someone gullible by offering to sell them the bridge. It has been featured in numerous texts, most notably Hart Crane's The Bridge a collection of poetry. The Brooklyn Bridge is no stranger to the film industry either.

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Over 15 movies used it as a backdrop for at least one scene. Sign in to your account Sign in Not registered? Click here to create an account… Forgot your password? Seeing a tourist looking at the bridge admiringly he decided to use the skills he had learned as a confidence trickster to see if he could sell Brooklyn Bridge!

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When he considered how easy it had been to pocket a few hundred dollars from the gullible tourist he decided to give up on his other scams and concentrate on selling Brooklyn Bridge full time. Parker would hang around the bridge for hours, looking for someone who looked gullible enough to fall for his lines. His usual approach was to engage his target in a conversation about how he was going to set up a toll booth in order to collect a fare from everyone crossing the bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge Visitors Guide

As Parker was an engineer, rather than a businessman or so he claimed , he needed assistance with this part of the operation. Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

From retail to tech writer McAfee, via a bit of blogging, a sprinkling of conferences and a dash of public speaking. New Yorkers began taking out-of-town guest to the station in hopes of witnessing the spectacle. The article gave him an idea for a scam, and he set sail for Paris. Posing as "Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Mail and Telegraphs," he contracted six of the country's largest scrap metal dealers and brought them together for a face-to-face meeting. The Scam : At the meeting, Lustig told the dealers that the French government had decided the repairs on the Eiffel Tower were too expensive and had also decided to tear the landmark down.

Selling the Brooklyn Bridge

Fearing that the public would be furious when it learned of the decision, he told them, the government wanted the story kept a secret until the demolition actually began. The dealer went back to his office, got the money and gave it to Lustig, who caught the next train to Vienna. This time, the dealer went to the police. But, it was too late, Lustig had already fled to the United States, where he resumed his career as a con artist. Background : In a play, Scottish actor Arthur Ferguson played a gullible American tourist who is swindled by a con man. When the play closed, Ferguson decided to find out if real American tourists were as dumb as the one he's played.

But Ferguson "confided" to American tourists that the fiscal situation was even worse than the British government was letting on, and he had been hired by the Prime Minister to quietly sell off some of London's most famous landmarks to raise cash. What Happened : The scam was successful for many years.

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Finally, so many Americans complained to the U. Embassy that Ferguson decided it was time to leave the country. He move to America, where he set up shop selling U. He spent five years in prison for the crime.

The Inventor of the Swindle

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The Brooklyn Toll Booth

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