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What Goes Around. Don Harpe. Return to Hell. He had returned the vehicle at lunchtime on Saturday, and it had since been hired out again to a young family. Police impounded the car. On closer inspection, officers found traces of blood on the back seat. The hunt was on for Thomas Olsen and the man seen walking from the car to the ship on Saturday morning.

R29 Original Series

Unfortunately, the trawler had set sail on Saturday afternoon with both men on board. B y the Tuesday, three days after Birna disappeared, the Polar Nanoq was many hundreds of miles away, fishing off Greenland. Since leaving Iceland, Thomas Olsen and his companion from the car, Nikolaj Olsen a fellow Greenlander, no relation , had seemed their usual selves. But then Thomas, who was described by his crewmates as likable and easygoing, received a message on his phone that made him visibly agitated.

A coast guard helicopter had flown four police officers to a Danish warship, the Triton.

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He and the senior crew agreed they would tell Thomas and Nikolaj that the engine had malfunctioned, necessitating the turnaround. The captain also turned off the wifi, so the two men would not be able to read the media reports about the case. Early the next morning, Wednesday, six members of the Viking Squad boarded an A Super Puma helicopter and flew out to meet the Polar Nanoq as it crossed into Icelandic waters.

Although the weather was bad and the sea rough, with eight-metre waves, the officers safely rappelled on to the deck. Thomas and Nikolaj were arrested and confined to their cabins. By now, all of Iceland was following the story, with an increasing sense of foreboding. Parents who had never before needed to explain the dangers of crime to their children struggled to answer their questions about the missing young woman and the sailors. Other instances of violent crime, rare as they were, were not mysteries that needed solving, or that required manhunts.

This one was unfolding like the plot of the noir novels that have become so popular in Iceland over the past decade. But with so many people playing amateur detective, wild rumours were spreading online. Now there was fresh speculation: that Birna was alive on the Polar Nanoq, and that several other abducted women had also been found on board. The port was blanketed in snow, and red-and-blue uniformed Ice-Sar volunteers quietly continued their search for evidence. More than a dozen police vehicles were parked in a line on the dock with their lights on when the ship finally sailed into view at 11pm on Wednesday night.

Viking Squad officers led Thomas and Nikolaj off the ship in handcuffs. There was always this chance that we had lost the suspects. After days of unrelenting bad news about the case, Icelanders at last had a small measure of relief. But both men, interviewed separately, denied causing her any harm. Their accounts of what happened the previous Friday night and the first part of Saturday morning, until Nikolaj was dropped off at the ship, were similar.

The Polar Nanoq had arrived from Denmark on 11 January , a Wednesday, to pick up fresh crew members, and on the Friday, a few of the men remaining on board decided to go for a night on the town before heading back to sea.

Who Killed Barry And Honey

By the time Thomas had driven the rental car to the capital and joined his crewmate, Nikolaj was already very drunk. They later moved to another bar, before going for a drive and ending up on Laugavegur, where the red Kia Rio was captured on CCTV at the same time as Birna disappeared. Thomas told police that after dropping Nikolaj off at the Polar Nanoq, shortly after 6am, he had parked at the end of the harbour and climbed into the back of the tiny car with the two women, one of whom was Birna, who he claimed to have kissed.

He said he dropped the women off at a nearby roundabout after about an hour. At 7am on Saturday, when he was seen on camera driving away from the harbour, his phone went off for four hours. The car was not seen on any surveillance footage again until 11am, when Thomas returned to the port.

He said he had slept in the car during that time, although the odometer reading suggested he had taken a long drive.

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