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He ended up switching his lab provider and has been a very loyal customer ever since. Award winner Klisman has a reputation for helping to ease transition pains both within his laboratory, as well as for clients. Klisman has also given valuable support to physician clients in transitioning to electronic health record EHR systems.

  • ValueSelling Associates, its Clients, and Providers win 19 Stevie® Awards for Sales Excellence.
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Initially, there was a lot of pushback from our IT. They wanted the docs to use a hospital system, but there was no hospital system in place.

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Now, the hospital has outsourced to middleware that is interchangeable for lab outreach. Klisman also received praise for his dedication to patients during the conversion to ICD coding. The sales team put together literature and a newsletter and offered training sessions for physicians and office-staff. Additionally, Klisman has been exploring social media strategies that clinical laboratories can use to maintain relationships with clients and to drive new business. During the interview with Dark Daily , Klisman made an interesting observation about what is perhaps an untapped tactical resource for clinical laboratories and health systems—feedback loops with physicians.

That makes us potential eyes and ears for the whole health system and can have value for growing business.

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To illustrated this benefit, Klisman noted an instance where a health system experienced difficulties accessing information the lab sales team had all along. The accomplishments of productive lab sales professionals like Mark Klisman provide solid evidence that hospitals and health systems with laboratory outreach programs can be more successful when they hire and support productive sales representatives.

Dark Daily and The Dark Report are accepting nominations for these awards. The Strategic Value of Laboratory Outreach. Their apprentices have been raised in a digital age where technology as a vehicle for learning is prevalent and a source of information always available to them.

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So when it came to a learning intervention, it was important for the process to use the same vehicles. The Huthwaite International Collaborative platform focuses on providing a genuine learning culture through a faster, more measurable and sustainable route.

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The learning journey combines e-learning tasks and classroom sessions that allow participants to practice their skills and gain encouragement, also supported by expert feedback through coaching. This collaborative approach works perfectly for Royal Mail, fitting around the daily routines of the apprentices and provides a great basis for the sales managers to effectively coach both online and through face to face conversations. We can provide them with bite-sized pieces of content they can consume and immediately put into practice.

Feedback is also extremely important to them and the platform does that particularly well. Users can engage with each other and share comments - the tutors are reaching out and engaging on there too. In the past it had been a challenge to get sales teams to complete the online-based learning in working hours whilst they still have customers ringing or deadlines to meet.

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However, with the regular classroom-based session, the apprentices were much more motivated to finish their online work before seeing the tutors again where they could talk through any issues they had. For Royal Mail, the project originally started out as a training initiative, solely for the new apprenticeship scheme.

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  4. However, due to the success of the programme, it is planned to roll out to the full sales team. Those that have initially been through the training will then act as ambassadors of SPIN training and coaches for the rest of their team. Two teams of apprentices have completed the training since Huthwaite International began working with Royal Mail in July - the biggest outcome has been the measurable behaviour change from those cohorts.

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    There has definitely been a significant behaviour change amongst those teams taking part. SPIN collaborative delivers for us in terms of helping to create new sales opportunities, which can convert quicker to new revenues.

    Mike Gibson, National Sales Director says "We talk a lot about knowledge, skills and behaviours; we can teach the skills, we can find the knowledge, but actually, the real benefit is when you start experiencing the change in people. Email: enquiries huthwaiteinternational. Change Results. About us About us Huthwaite is an international training provider and behaviour change specialist. We help organisations to transform their sales and negotiation outcomes by helping to permanently change the behaviour of their teams.