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Datastream Advance , version 5. Four individual data sets, containing historical customer buying history for about , customers of nationally known catalog and non-profit database marketing businesses, are available through DMEF to approved academic researchers for use within academic situations, within the period ; not an active dataset.

Internet and information technology IT industry information, news, data, trends, numbers, and analysis for anything and everything online or digital.

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Industry, company, and financial markets information and analysis, along with full-text business and legal news, from some 80 emerging markets throughout Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Regional, State, and Local Organizations. In-depth profiles for more than U. Reports for Canadian and global industries are also included.

Be sure to click on the " Details " button and read the Notes section about how to obtain an individual Forrester account! Research, trend analysis, and expert opinion on technology change and related IT issues, and their impact on businesses and consumers. Download, graph, and track more than , economic time series of regional and national financial and economic data from 81 source s, including U.

Market research reports, updated annually, covering 18 U. Access within MarketResearch. Full-text U. Research reports and expert analysis for all areas of information technology. Provides more than 32, current and historical economic and financial data time series, covering over countries; many series are from hundreds of years ago. Vast web portal, encompassing more than 5, online resources, that connects international business professionals worldwide to a wealth of information, insights, and learning resources on global business activities.

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Identifies U. PDF full text, from to the most current issues, for all print issues of the bi-monthly publication of the Harvard Business School, provided through the Business Source Complete database. Hedge fund-level detail on historical performance and assets, plus firm characteristics on the broadest and most influential hedge fund managers.

Earnings forecasts from security analysts, including earnings per share, revenue, cash flow, long-term growth projections and stock recommendations. Provides access to both Industry Reports —full-text, fully searchable U. Worldwide coverage of scientific and technical literature in physics, electrical and electronic engineering, computer science and information technology. Time series statistical data for more than debt and financial flows indicators for countries reporting public and publicly-guaranteed debt to the World Bank.

Provides as full-text PDFs expert reports by investment bank and brokerage house equity analysts along with independent consulting and company research firms, covering publicly-traded companies and their industries worldwide. Searchable and displayable full text of the Los Angeles Times newspaper from to today's issue. Full-text and full-page image access to books from the period, and pre periodical publications in this digital reproduction of the combined collections of the Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature at the University of London Library and the Kress Library of Business and Economics at the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration.

Full text of nearly peer-reviewed management and organization studies journals published by Sage Publications and participating societies. Industry and country-specific market research reports aimed at U. Commercial Service. Provides compilations of reported market share data for companies, products, and services for the U. Database covering the world's mathematical and statistical literature since ; from the American Mathematical Society.

Comprehensive database of publicly offered U. Treasury debt securities and includes more than data items. Covers the product and service sectors of more than 6, public companies NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX companies with complete financials, including segment financials and earnings estimates, detailed product and service hierarchies, competitors, major customers, suppliers, and strategic partners.

Provides quick, streamlined access to comprehensive company data for more than ,, U. Market size, market share and segmentation including by brand name , and markets' CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate , for a wide range of consumer and industrial products and services--along with 5 years' historical and 5 years' forecast data.

A title in the Gale Directory Library. Comprehensive digital coverage of The New York Times back to is available for this internationally renowned U. Mega-database of thousands of full-text news, business and financial, and legal publications and general information sources.

This new platform replaced LexisNexis Academic as of Fall Online library of country profiles, data, reports, and interactive databases produced by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD. Comprehensive database of historical price and implied volatility data for the U.

A p ublic a ffairs i nformation s ervice, with coverage of research in such areas as: business and economic conditions, education, energy resources and policy, government, health conditions, international relations, and social conditions. Market research database for analysis, trends, and news, as well as current, historical, and forecast data on consumer market sizes.

Covers markets, countries, and 1, cities worldwide, along with detailed reports on U. Find the data and analysis for Cities within the "Economies" section.

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As one of North America's primary marketplaces for the trading of stocks, equity options, index options and currency options, the PHLX continues to be a market leader in the development and introduction of innovative new products and services. Industry overviews of 37 major industries and industry groups, both established and emerging, and profiles of thousands of U. Online data and mapping application that provides access to more than 10, indicators related to demographics, housing and real estate, income, mortgages, health, and more.

Analysis and data, including forecasts, by the Political Risk Service PRS Group, covering the current state of political, financial, and economic risk in some countries. To limit, add [country name] to search. Re-sort results by "Date Newest" to retrieve the most current annual content.

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Be sure to click the "Details" button below to read Notes about how to obtain an individual PrivCo account, and always using the Anderson Proxy Server! Financial data, revenues and additional intelligence on more than , U. Comprehensive U. Simultaneous searching and retrieval of full-text newspaper articles from up to 17 current and historical newspapers licensed by UCLA from ProQuest. Authoritative and comprehensive statistical summary of the economic, social, and political conditions of the United States. The American Psychological Association's APA comprehensive database of literature in psychology and related disciplines, such as business human resources, marketing, consumer behavior , psychiatry, education, medicine, nursing, pharmacology, and law.

The National Library of Medicine's Medline database, profiled for UCLA users, covers over 4, biomedical and health sciences journals, to present.

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Incorporates more than 80 business journals, newspapers, and newswires covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States. Provides full-texts for more than books, reference works, journal articles, and more about qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in the social sciences. Database for full-text journals and reference works published by Elsevier in the sciences, technology, medicine, and social sciences.

The academic use license mandates that data from the most recent 30 days are embargoed. Monthly, electronic disclosures from market centers that trade national market system securities, Web-based mapping application to create professional quality, interactive thematic maps and reports using thousands of U. Select, sort, and compare data across multiple geographic locations and create custom reports exportable to spreadsheets.

Market research and industry news articles covering sports in the United States: Equipment sales, apparel, attendance, participation, broadcasting, sponsorship, sports marketing, "revenues from sports venues" content both professional sports and colleges , and more. Census Bureau, Journal articles, book chapters and e-books in the social sciences, business, area studies, sports and tourism, the sciences and more. Directory of over , U. Comprehensive database for all types of periodical publications consumer and trade magazines, academic and scholarly publications, monographic series, newsletters, newspapers, electronic publications, 'zines, etc.

Full-text interviews with investment analysts, CEOs of public companies, and investment money managers. Multidisciplinary index to scholarly journals and the online equivalent of the ISI citation indexes. Multi-subject database that includes full-text journal articles and reference works published by Wiley and [formerly by] Blackwell. World Bank database of time series development indicators data for countries; coverage starts with Worldwide catalog of millions of books, periodicals, sound recordings, visual materials, and maps held in thousands of libraries, in hundreds of languages.

He said another focus of sleep research should be to clarify the underlying biological mechanisms by which chemotherapy and other cancer treatments might interfere with the structural organization of sleep i. He also emphasized the need to adapt effective interventions for more widespread dissemination and implementation.

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For example, he said cognitive behavioral therapy is effective and could be disseminated further through Web-based approaches. Lastly, Jacobsen stated that the implications of a symptom cluster concept, such as the co-occurrence of fatigue and sleep problems, should be considered because they might have a common underlying mechanism, or the treatment of one symptom could have a cascade effect on the other.

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Compared with posttreatment fatigue and sleep disorders, much less is known about cognitive problems following cancer treatment, said Jacobsen. Patient reports and concerns that may suggest problems in executive functioning have prompted the research community to focus on this problem.

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Neuropsychological tests, standard tests of major domains of cognitive functioning e. Functional imaging studies, such as magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography PET Wefel et al. Qualitative electroencephalography often used in combination with other measures to more directly assess brain function Hunter et al. Jacobsen said PROs and neuropsychological tests are only modestly correlated in many studies, and that some researchers speculate that self-reported measures might be more sensitive. He said that risk factors for posttreatment cognitive problems include older age Ahles et al.

The direct neurotoxic effect of treatment is one mechanism implicated in posttreatment cognitive problems, Jacobsen said Bray et al. Animal models suggest that cancer drugs may cross the blood—brain barrier in very small amounts, leading to both gray and white matter volume loss, reduced white matter integrity, and altered neurochemistry and metabolism.

Cytokine deregulation and treatment-induced hormonal changes have also been implicated, he said Bray et al.