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Full text content for Dalhousie is indicated by green boxes. Fletcher; Suzanne W. Fletcher; Grant S. Blumenthal Available in print and online Call number: W Brownson; Graham A. Colditz; Enola K. Proctor Available in print Call number: W Dennis Blessing; J. Search this Guide Search. Handbook of clinical gender medicine by Karin Schenck-Gustafsson; S. These topics are exhaustively covered in this book, which provides a pragmatic approach to the problems facing infection control professionals.

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Reflecting the dynamic nature of hospital epidemiology and infection control, the third edition of Practical Healthcare Epidemiology presents new chapters addressing emergent topics, in addition to significant revisions of the chapters appearing in previous editions. The main subjects dealt with in these chapters include ethical aspects of infection control; quality improvement; practical knowledge on epidemiologic methods; disinfection, isolation, and sterilization; microbiology laboratory support; and powerful investigation tools, such as molecular typing methods and the use of informatics for electronic healthcare-associated surveillance.

Gram-positive and gram-negative organisms are dealt with in detail in 2 specific chapters.

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Another chapter looks at the emerging and severe threat of Clostridium difficile infection, and a final chapter highlights the importance of the intimate connection between infection control and antimicrobial stewardship in preventing healthcare-associated infections. An effective antimicrobial stewardship program, with appropriate drug product selection, dosing, route of administration, and duration of antimicrobial therapy, in conjunction with a comprehensive infection control program has been shown to limit the emergence and transmission of antimicrobial-resistant microorganisms.

The goals of antimicrobial stewardship are to optimize safe and appropriate use of antibiotics, enhance clinical outcomes while minimizing unintended consequences of antimicrobial use e. The World Health Organization has recently published recommendations to improve hand hygiene practices, which are covered in a revised chapter.

In light of recent awareness and concerns, patient safety and biologic disaster preparedness are other topics included in this section, which concludes with chapters on infection control in nonacute care and limited-resource healthcare settings. This section further presents a chapter on current and future government mandates for specific infection control prevention strategies and practices, perhaps the most controversial approach to governmental intervention in hospital infection prevention. A powerful critical commentary is provided on the active role of the healthcare epidemiologist in ensuring that rational and equitable mandates are applied.

The section concludes with a chapter on the process of evaluating new products, procedures, or interventions, focusing on the invaluable help infection preventionists give their institutions by providing thoughtful and accurate assessment.

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  • In conclusion, the main value of Practical Healthcare Epidemiology is its provision of practical resources and administratively, financially, and technically feasible solutions to reduce, prevent, and control healthcare-associated infections and their adverse effects. This book is highly recommended reading for trainees and professionals in infection control—and healthcare epidemiologists in particular—because it provides the essential underpinnings for the advancement of healthcare epidemiology.

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