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Ce bloc-notes lui permet de faire ce qu'il a a faire. Comme tout un chacun je vis de trouvailles et de pertes. Site internet. Le Blog.

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Arte y Literatura, Cuba, , Azote , Sous la pierre mouvante nouvelle, trad. Virginia de la Cruz Lichet Francia, He received his Ph. Plus que des attaches, donc. Page Facebook. Jonathan Remy, 30 ans, Belge. Prix Gaston Welter Video.


Puis Paris, la Sarthe et la Gironde. Parfois elle prend des notes, parfois non.

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Pas encore. Ici, on ne manque pas de conventions, de convenances, pourquoi pas. Art Categories: 1. Drawings 2. Paintings 3. Sculptures Definition: All the art exhibitors must deal with topics or themes studied in the target language. Specifications: Art done by one student A word written explanation in the target language must accompany each piece of art.

Skit Song Instrument playing. On a blank sheet of paper include the following: 1. A picture or an awesome drawing related to the topic assigned in class. Black and white is ok! A short paragraph written by you in English with basic information.

Le style littéraire, c'est quoi ? pour Céline, Sagan, Mauriac...

Use wordreference. Test: chapter 3 vocabulary; the imperfect tense. From chapter 1: use of "le,la,les, l'" pronouns. La technologie : You will write a short paragraph, type it, save it, turn in. In French, of course. You will talk about the use of technology in your life. Then, you will write an opinion: Is the use of technology positive or negative for you and for society.

Complete packet activities If you need a packet please stop by. You can print the packet from the workbook found online. Must be typed. Glossary- 15 words related to any aspect of telecommunications phones, cell phones, gadgets, social media, computers, etc. Include word in French and English translation. Video project.


You will create a short video in which you will say what you wrote for your test essay. Sections: A. Talking about your family. Use the "je" form. If you are in a group, you can talk about your classmate's family. Daily activities. Use verbs studied in class. You will say about 15 sentences. Be creative. No reading! Past reflexive. Then, click on the chapter you want to see.

If this does not work, please let me know. We copy in class the vocabulary we need from the book, but I can let you borrow a hard-copy if you wish. Mon artiste A. Optional: Image or performance a replica you create, or an re-interpretation of the work drawing and painting encouraged. Performance in class can also cover this requirement. Mes loisirs culturels III. French and Francophone museums besides the ones studied in class! Instructions for each section- Section I: Mon artiste. Section I: Mon artiste. Any other information you want to add.

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Les couleurs sont mention colors …3. Any other ideas discussed in class and approved by teacher. Express about your reaction to learning about this artist. Another paragraph where you answer the following questions: What is the importance of the arts for society?

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For you? In English- sentences minimum. Use the first person I like, I think D. An image of the painting or work of art that you are describing, preferably in color. Need to have images. Choose a topic and say what you like about it. Example: Topic : La musique. La musique est bonne.