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She was beautiful, knew what she wanted and was demanding about wanting oral sex. She also had a very bad yeast infection. It was a horrible situation that left me with a complete phobia in regard to oral sex. I guess the phobia was not complete. I was interested in receiving oral sex I just was not interested in giving oral sex. A few times she commented that my penis did not seemed to be opposed to the idea and that she would like to give it a try, but I always pulled her back up to me and told her that the whole idea was repugnant to me.

I knew that Dana would not understand if she gave me oral sex and I did not reciprocate. We planned to be married after I graduated in June. That we would have whatever kind of wedding she wanted.

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That was when she told me she wanted a simple wedding in her back yard with only close family and a honeymoon in Paris! I told her that she could have the simple wedding, but that we could not afford a honeymoon in Paris. Dana explained to me that her father told her the money was hers, she could either spend it all on a big wedding or all on a honeymoon or anyway she wanted.

Paris was wonderful. Our third day there Dana saw an advertisement for a club called The Dance of Life.

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The ad mentioned afternoon tango and after Dana begged for two days and pouted for a morning I decided to take her there. We arrived at the door to the club at the same time as a very attractive and well-dressed businesswoman. When she spoke to us in French we answered her that we only spoke English. The matron looked us over, smiled and asked us in.

Dana and I walked into what we thought was the strangest dance club possible. The club had a huge dance floor with a wall to ceiling mirror on one-side booths along the other sides and a bar with a poorly lit area behind it that appeared to be empty. We took a seat in one of the booths and after a few minutes realized that there was no waitress. When I went up to the bar to get our drinks I noticed two incredibly beautiful French women in their mid to late twenties one blond, one raven haired, and three men the other side of the bar.

When I went back to the booth I asked Dana if she had any idea at all what a partouze was. I tried to beg off, but Dana insisted, so I stumbled around the floor while Dana attempted to dance around my clumsiness. When I went back to the bar for more pastis the blond came out from the other side of the oval shaped bar and limped over to me in a walking cast.

She smiled at me and asked me if I spoke French. You see I have the leg broken and cannot dance and my husband would like to dance with your wife the tango, he is the tango instructor, but has now no one to dance with. After we both laughed she called over her husband and introduced herself Madeline and her husband Christophe. We then walked over to the booth and I introduced them to Dana.

In a few minutes Dana and Christophe were dancing and Madeline asked if she and her girlfriend Danielle could keep me company. Madeline slid into the booth beside me and Danielle sat across from me. Madeline and I watched our spouses dance for a few minutes and then I asked her how she had broken her leg. It turned out that Madeline was a competitive skier and a long and interesting discussion ensued regarding competitive skiing in Europe and the rest of the world.

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Madeline laughed and told me that she was not as good as dancer as my wife and that she was not jealous but happy that her husband and my wife had the opportunity to enjoy each other. I answered that I was also happy that my wife had someone so accomplished at the tango to dance with. I grabbed her wrist and told her that Dana and I were on our honeymoon and I was not interested in playing around on her.

I moved my leg and told Madeline that I was not interested in either of them. That Dana was the only reason I came to the club. It was quiet for a moment and then a conversation took place between Danielle and Madeline. Now I was very confused and not sure of how well Madeline did understand English or what she was trying to say.

I was happy to get out of the booth. I noticed as we got up that Dana and Christophe were doing a very sexy tango totally in rhythm with one another. I did feel a twinge of jealousy as I noticed a fine film of perspiration on her brow, but when she stopped dancing and walked over to me as we were standing beside the dance floor the twinge went away. Madeline and Danielle then led me to the other side of the bar. That side of the bar and its dance floor was not as well lighted as the side of the bar with the booths. The far side of that dance floor had several rooms, some with doors and some without doors.

Madeline explained to me that if a couple wanted to be alone they could go into a room and that their privacy would be respected if they closed the door and if they left the door open then they were saying that they wanted others to join them. The blue room without the door was used if a couple wanted to be joined by other men. The pink room without the door was for couples that wanted to be joined by other women. By now my eyes were adjusting to the low level of light and Madeline and Danielle were leading me to a room just down a hall where I could hear a murmuring of voices.

In the center of the room was the blond businesswoman sitting nude on an ottoman and alternating her attentions between three men standing in front of her.

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The man in the middle was nude and the men to his left and right both had their pants down around their ankles. The woman was fellating all three men. She would take each penis into her mouth for four or five strokes and then turn to another penis. I noticed that no matter which cock she had in her mouth that she was always looking into the eyes of the man in the middle. I knew now, beyond a doubt, that we were in a sex club and that I needed to get Dana and get out of there as fast as I could.

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Yet I stood transfixed watching a beautiful blond woman fellate three men. I did not realize how turned on I was by the whole scene until Danielle said something to Madeline and they both looked down at the tremendous bulge in my pants. When he pulled out of her mouth there was a popping sound from the suction of her mouth. At that point Madeline and Danielle each took an arm and led me to the place where he was standing. As I looked down at what the blond was doing to the remaining two men at a much closer range I could see that she was in total ecstasy. She briefly acknowledged my presence with a glance as Madeline and Danielle undid my belt and pants dropping them and my underwear down around my ankles.

Before I was totally cognizant of what was happening, or what I was trance like allowing to happen to me, her mouth closed around me and I forgot about my wife in the other room or my recent wedding vows.

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All I could think about was the feel of that soft wet mouth and tongue. The gentle scrape of those beautiful white teeth on my erection followed by that tongue had me more turned on than I had ever been in my life and I quickly came into that beautiful voracious mouth. As I ejaculated into her mouth she looked up at me with a surprised look and then smiled at the nude man beside me.

In the background I could hear Madeline and Danielle giggling. I said to Madeline that we had met the blond outside at the door to the club. That she told us that she was meeting her husband. Suddenly I came to my senses! All I could think about was Dana. Where was she? Did she have any idea about what had just happened? Did she have any idea what kind of a place this was? Was Christophe only interested in her as a dance partner?

Of course not! I started back to the dance floor with Madeline and Danielle on my heels. When I got back to the dance floor it was empty. Without a word she led me to a room. I peered through the door and could only see the back of an overstuffed black leather easy chair and two legs dangling over the arms. Dana shuttered and squirmed in the chair as he caressed her with his tongue and lips her hands clasped behind his head.

I stood there speechless.

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What could I say to her? Dana reached up grasped his penis between her thumb and forefinger and guided it into her mouth. Dana looked up at me and smiled as she took him deeper into her mouth. Madeline, who was now nude, pulled me down onto the flacati rug on the floor and both Danielle and Madeline giggled as they pulled off my last few pieces of clothing.

We spent another two hours at the club. I lost track of how many men enjoyed my wife. I remember seeing her on her back next to me while first Cristophe and then two others fucked her. She looked over at me and smiled as each man entered her and grabbed my hand as she came.

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I was either involved with Danielle or Madeline or both at the time so I was hardly in any position to object. But when the club began to fill up things began to get dangerously out of hand, or at least I thought so when two men took my wife simultaneously.