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Bechdel believes he might have put himself in front of the truck, drawing a causal relationship between her own coming out and the circumstances of his death. As if, perhaps, now that he was finished with this project, he was finished, period.

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Beech Creek is a town of with an Armstrong flooring plant and a coffin showroom. A day care center and tuxedo shop occupy the building of the former Bechdel family funeral home.

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None have disputed Ms. On the day she returned to town, she stopped for lunch at a small restaurant, the Furst Corner, where a waitress and former classmate recognized her. The two greeted each other fondly. Before long, three women, notified that Ms. Bechdel had arrived, came in with copies of her book and asked her to sign them and to pose for pictures, requests she warmly obliged. One woman in the restaurant asked her to return for a reading. But little about her life appears not to have been.

She began drawing as a child, her father encouraging her, traveling to the paper mills in nearby Lock Haven to provide her with her supply. Her own decorative tastes have sprung up, perhaps not surprisingly, in rebellion against his.

Bechdel is a minimalist who lives in a saltbox with weathered cedar clapboards. There is always much to fix. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

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See next articles. News World U. And who is April? Jan 14, Sabrina rated it it was ok Shelves: I'm glad this was short because there wasn't much to it story wise. It takes literally half the book for anything to happen, such as the murder. The first half of this book is an ode to old Victorian houses. And the fact that everyone and I mean everyone volunteers for community service. The rest is all the characters saying how much they hate the murder victim and how they all had fights with him recently.

The main character talks to herself out loud constantly.

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Also in this small town either y I'm glad this was short because there wasn't much to it story wise. Also in this small town either you are rich and own a big fancy Victorian house or you are poor and homeless. Also, every greets everyone even new comers they've just met with hugs and they tell the main character things she has no business knowing about their personal lives. At least she stays out of the police's way and doesn't poke her nose into things that aren't her job.

How do you live after unintentionally causing a death?

It may be the start of July right now but the Christmas spirit was so strong in this book and it made everything so jolly. This book was such a beautiful thing. I'm sad I have to wait for the next one to come out in November now. Such a wonderful series. Mar 03, Jennifer rated it really liked it. I just love this light easy reading cozy mystery series.

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I so enjoy Shannon, the main character, and all of her friends. I read the book in a day so a perfect escape book! I've read the whole series and can't just get enough! Dec 12, Jill Tool rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the fourth book in the Fixer-Upper series, and I must say this one has that Christmas charm of long ago.

Shannon Hammer has taken on a huge project with just a few short weeks before Christmas. She is the General Contractor for the Forester House project. The mansion is one of the longest standing mansions in Lighthouse Cove and instead of the city tearing it down, it will be remolded to into apartments for people in need, to give them a home. Several contractors, plumbe 4. Several contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, and a host of volunteers are donating their time to see this project through and for the people to be able to move in on Christmas Eve, complete with Christmas trees, decorations, and food for a holiday meal.

Peter Potter, who is the town Scrooge, is the oversee that is representing the bank, he keeps showing up unannounced, causing problems with everyone, including Shannon and her father. Not only is he trying to interfere with the workers and the work being done on the house, but he's also threatening the volunteers, by telling them he can take their business's away from them, causing distress for all. One morning when Shannon gets to Forester House early before anyone show up she discovers the body of Potter, killed with the ax owned by her dad. But with the whole town as suspects, including herself, Shannon must get this murder wrapped up pronto so they can finish the house on time for the new residents by Christmas Eve.

With Shannon's love life in limbo, she hasn't heard from Mac, the guy she's been seeing and a best selling author in 42 days, planning the annual Christmas parade, overseeing Forester House project, the murder of Potter, someone has left a new baby girl in Shannon's truck, one more thing Shannon doesn't need to deal with, nor does she know how to take care of a baby.

She turns the baby over to the only person she knows, her friend Lizzie, who not only is a mother of two and willing to care for the baby until they can either find the mother or find a couple that is willing to adopt her, but Lizzie herself is a suspect for making a threat about killing Potter herself, right in front of Potter's assistant. All of these things need to be wrapped up tightly and with a bow on top by Christmas Eve.

Can Shannon get this all done in time. I did try and get a couple of my book groups to read this one for the holidays, but no one seemed to be interested in it. I really think they would of enjoyed this one as much as I did. This was an entertaining book, with plenty of suspects right off the bat, before the murder had even taken place.

Which made it a nice change of pace and you learned why someone wanted to kill the person, instead of not knowing them until the end. There were some laugh out loud moments, character's were easy to follow and get to know them, the lead character, Shannon is strong, feisty, smart and likable.


I really hope it continues. I have enjoyed the entire series to date and this one did not disappoint. Kate Carlisle does a wonderful job of writing this book with such description and detail that the reader is instantly drawn into the town of Lighthouse Cove and the lives of its residents. The mystery is spot on and the characters are perfect. The supporting cast is filled with Shannon's friends and family and they compliment her and the story very wel This is another terrific installment in the Fixer-Upper Mystery series.

The supporting cast is filled with Shannon's friends and family and they compliment her and the story very well. Throw in a touch of romance with Mac and Shannon and the spirit of Christmas and you have the perfect Christmas mystery that fans will enjoy. I love the main character Shannon. She is a fierce, sassy, independent woman who is loyal to her family and friends.

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Yes, Shannon once again has the bad luck to find the dead body of the local bank President think Ebeneezer Scrooge whose death is not really mourned. In fact, he was disliked by almost the entire town. That makes for plenty of suspects, twists, turns and misdirection thrown at the reader as Shannon tries to discover the identity of the killer and make sure her Dad is cleared of suspicion. I can't wait for more to come in this series. Each book is always a delight to read. Nov 06, Vivian rated it liked it. A feel-good cozy mystery all wrapped up nicely just in time for the Christmas season in LIghthouse Cove.

I liked many aspects in the storyline - the remodel of a large Victorian into apartments for the needy, the charitable group all dressed as Santas, the descriptions of the work Shannon does in the apartments. With the murder of an obnoxious bank executive whom almost everyone in town disliked, the story was definitely not lacking in red herrings, making it quite a puzzle to solve the mystery. The story was quite sugary and sweet I didn't see the point of this portion of the story - Whitney making a trip to NYC to track down Shannon's boyfriend just to break them up??

Someone must really hate you to do something like that - took me right out of my feel-good holiday mood. I also didn't get the side story of Baby Angel - that seemed like it came out of left field, just a filler for the book. Overall, a good read, just not my favorite of the series. Also great cover art! Nov 01, Lisa Ks Book Reviews rated it it was amazing. Fix yourself up with a copy of this latest addition to the Fixer-Upper Mystery series by author Kate Carlisle!

An energizing cozy from cover to cover, I had a hard time putting this book down, and I know you will too.