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According to the Moabite Stone see chart, p. Similarly, the reign of Jeroboam II, who presided over the northern kingdom during the time of its greatest political and economic power, is treated only briefly 2Ki — Nothing is said about the early years of his reign, but a detailed description is given of the reformation and renewal of the covenant that he promoted in his 18th year as king 2Ki — Nor is anything said of the motives leading Josiah to oppose Pharaoh Neco of Egypt at Megiddo, or of the major shift in geopolitical power from Assyria to Babylon that was connected with this incident see notes on 2Ki — Ahab son of Omri is an example of the former — His reign is given extensive treatment, not so much because of its extraordinary political importance, but because of the serious threat to covenant fidelity and continuity that arose in the northern kingdom during his reign.

Manasseh 2Ki —18 is an example of a similar sort. Here again it is deviation from the covenant that is emphasized in the account of his reign rather than political features, such as involvement in the Assyrian-Egyptian conflict mentioned in Assyrian records but not in 2 Kings. On the positive side, Hezekiah 2Ki — and Josiah 2Ki — are given extensive treatment because of their involvement in covenant renewal.

These are the only two kings given unqualified approval by the writer for their loyalty to the Lord 2Ki ; It is noteworthy that all the kings of the northern kingdom are said to have done evil in the eyes of the Lord and walked in the ways of Jeroboam, who caused Israel to sin see, e.

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It was Jeroboam who established the golden calf worship at Bethel and Dan shortly after the division of the kingdom see —33 ; —6. In addition, the writer uses the life and reign of David as a standard by which the lives of later kings are measured see, e. Another prominent feature of the narratives of 1,2 Kings is the emphasis on the relationship between prophecy and fulfillment in the historical developments of the monarchy. On at least 11 occasions a prophecy is recorded that is later said to have been fulfilled see, e.

The Lord sent a long succession of such prophets to call king and people back to covenant loyalty 2Ki For the most part their warnings and exhortations fell on deaf ears. Many of these prophets are mentioned in the narratives of 1,2 Kings see, e. Reflection on these features of 1,2 Kings suggests that it was written to explain to a people in exile that the reason for their condition of humiliation was their stubborn persistence in breaking the covenant. In bringing the exile upon his people, God, after much patience, imposed the curses of the covenant, which had stood as a warning to them from the beginning see Lev —45 ; Dt — This is made explicit with respect to the captivity of the northern kingdom in 2Ki —23 ; —12 , and with respect to the southern kingdom in 2Ki — The reformation under Josiah in the southern kingdom is viewed as too little, too late see 2Ki —27 ; It explains the reasons both for the destruction of Samaria and Jerusalem and their respective kingdoms and for the bitter experience of being forced into exile.

This does not mean, however, that there is no hope for the future. The writer consistently keeps the promise to David in view as a basis on which Israel in exile may look to the future with hope rather than with despair. The future remains open for a new work of the Lord in faithfulness to his promise to the house of David.

It is important to note that, although the author was undoubtedly a Judahite exile, and although the northern kingdom had been dispersed for well over a century and a half at the time of his writing, the scope of his concern was all Israel—the whole covenant people. As a matter of fact, many from the north had fled south during the Assyrian invasions so that a significant remnant of the northern tribes lived on in the kingdom of Judah and shared in its continuing history.

Not only is the length of the reign of each king given, but during the period of the divided kingdom the beginning of the reign of each king is synchronized with the regnal year of the ruling king in the opposite kingdom.

Often additional data, such as the age of the ruler at the time of his accession, are also provided. By integrating Biblical data with those derived from Assyrian chronological records, the year b. The years in which Ahab and Jehu had contacts with Shalmaneser III of Assyria can also be given definite dates by means of astronomical calculations based on an Assyrian reference to a solar eclipse.

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