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My coping was entrenched, and denial was strong. Healing from the messiness of childhood incest in and of itself is so shrouded with secrecy, shame, and humiliation that putting the words together in a way that will envelop an understanding of this atrocity that refused to be buried in my mind meant allowing myself to be vulnerable to the possibility of being shunned and dismissed as crazy. It is about getting well enough to speak about without emotionally unraveling and becoming vulnerable to the stigmas that get attached to mental health.

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While I have learned the significance of remaining silent until emotional health is obtained, the silence kept me isolated and ashamed for far too long. My book, my words, will shed light on how complicated the journey to health and wellness is while trying to maintain normalcy. Without looking at the progression of my life, one could not see the dynamics of recovery.


Sharing this journey will provide practitioners, both medical and mental health, with a personal perspective of the road to recovery. More importantly, I have tried to communicate my journey in a way that will allow all of us to come a little closer to facing the unspeakable, to take the power out of the word incest, and to help adult survivor's break the cycle of silence. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:.

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ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. The film follows Marcello Clerici played by Louis Trintignant a weak minded man with the sole goal of being normal, a goal quickly forgotten after he is given a task by the secret police. Marcello is to travels to Paris with the instructions to assassinate his old college teacher professor Quadri, played by Enzo Tarascio , for his anti-fascist views.

The illusion of normalcy in Pakistan

Marcello as a person, is meant to be an analogy for the type of people that commits full heatedly to such a radical, polarizing ideology as Nazi fascism. And also, the social need of peoples for acceptance into a group, as a means of survival and normality.

The tools of fascist control based on fear and in group unification , that Barnardo portrays, could be seen as similar to the campaign of Donald Trump. Trumps stratifying ideas delivered through his charm and charisma is similar to the means and strategies used by fascist leaders to unite their citizens under one ideal and to point the citizens against the ones who are threatening the ideas and goals they have. Trump try to take away individualism for the same reason as the fascist, for the hopes that they will no longer think for themselves an rely on the thought of their leader to tell them what to do.

Furthermore Trump and his parallels use scapegoats to explain root of their alleged problem, the Nazis used Jews and Trump is using Mexico. Blaming them for problems, however it could be said that trumps opinion about the Mexican crime problem as rooted more in factual evidence rather than illogical accusations.


Saying things like with out them we would be great again. Getting the population of the country to unite against one common enemy, who can only be resolved through the guidance of the leader. Marcello is the type of person that if an animal would be a coyote, a creature willing to do whatever it take, even chew through its own leg, to survive. A tragic deeply troubled man, due to the traumas of his life.

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You see that Marcello is looking for security. Marcello is a different type of person an image of which is, painted through a series of flashbacks, for one to see the conditions of life that must transpire to make a person like Marcello. Quadri seems to be the opposite, type of a free thinking righteous person, with noble intentions.