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Maze Runner Author Wants a Prequel Movie

Margie's Story I straighten his tie and smooth down his collar. This would have earned me a hard slap for letting him leave the house less than perfect. All my emotions have dried up and blown away. Everyone around me thinks I am experiencing shock. Maybe I am. All good things must come to an end.

If you haven't gotten your free book yet you can head over to Instafreebie. Get your copy here now. To The One I Love has a new book cover and additional content, so of course it needed a new trailer.

Grab your book now! Skip to content. October 25, October 26, Dawn Gena. A boy seeks a broken doll he has heard stories about and once finding her, longs to possess her. Like this: Like Loading October 22, October 25, Dawn Gena. October 16, October 16, Dawn Gena. Blood-C at first appears to be unrelated to Blood: The Last Vampire but is later revealed to be a sequel.

Accel World is set in the far future of Sword Art Online. Although this is known to most fans of the author, it's not obvious until a later episode of Accel World , where the main character directly refers to the main Virtual Reality of SAO. Jaco the Galactic Patrolman turns out to be a prequel to Dragon Ball. He fails, obviously.


Also, Tights is Bulma's older sister. Ultimately subverted as the publisher couldn't resist using this fact for marketing and directly calling out the series that Jaco is a prequel to, several issues before it's revealed in the manga itself. Adolescence of Utena , the movie successor to Revolutionary Girl Utena , appears to take place in an Alternate Continuity. But there are certain hints, such as personality changes and song lyrics, that seem to be saying that this is actually an extremely metaphorical true ending to the series.

The manga is also an Alternate Continuity , but its ending points towards a much bigger story happening in the future, making it seem like a prequel to the show and movie.


Also, clothing changes that happen during the manga Utena's black uniform, Chu-chu's tie carry over to the show. Then Homura realizes that this is wrong and begins to remember the actual events of the show. And then things get worse, naturally.

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Killer Killer waits until the third chapter to reveal itself as a Danganronpa spin-off. Space Patrol Luluco is a stealth sequel to both Kill la Kill the cast visits the home planet of the life fibers and Inferno Cop Luluco meets him in Hell , but these are mostly treated as jokes , as all three shows were made by Studio Trigger. Somewhat more seriously, at the end of the series, Luluco is revealed to be Lady Trigger, one of Studio Trigger's three mascots.

The Kemono Friends anime series is eventually revealed to be one to the mobile game it was based on, with "Kaban", the main protagonist of the anime, being revealed to be a clone of Mirai, the previous protagonist, created after a piece of the latter's hair was exposed to the Sand Star and the current friends are actually a new possibly related generation. Word of God says that FLCL Alternative was designed as a stealth prequel to the original series , which is why Haruko doesn't have her bracelet or Vespa yet. However, other staff members say that it's supposed to be an Alternate Universe hence the title.

Really, the whole thing is so vague that either explanation seems plausible. The Gainax Ending has her get the Vespa and see something that could be Atomsk, and also features visions of the first series appearing in her silhouette. This was a reference to an unused idea from the original OVA that the town of Mabase was actually on Mars all along. W'z reveals in its first episode that it's a sequel to an earlier GoHands production with this line Comic Books. And his later, creator-owned series Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers was clearly a lawyer-friendly sequel to the Fourth World books.

When Peter David first began work on Fallen Angel , there were some strong hints that it was actually a sequel to his previous Supergirl series, and that the heroine, "Lee," was actually Supergirl herself. This was changed when the series was moved from DC to IDW , preventing any such revelation from ever occurring. Manhattan pulling a Cosmic Retcon on the main DCU by messing with the timeline and people's memories.

At first, it seemed like Gerard Way's run on Doom Patrol would be a reboot of the franchise, especially since it was the debut title of the Young Animal imprint and does not acknowledge the team's then-most-recent appearance in Geoff Johns' Justice League run. However, issue 3 makes it clear that both Grant Morrison and Keith Giffen's runs did indeed happen, by having Robotman reference events within those series. Trouble was marketed as Marvel's attempted Genre Relaunch of romance comics.

Then you notice the names of the main characters—brothers Richard and Ben, with their girlfriends Mary and May—and you realize this is actually a bizarre, Hotter and Sexier prequel to Spider-Man , centered around his family's dysfunctional love lives instead of superheroes. It made some pretty big Ret Cons , mostly notably May sleeping with Richard and being Peter's birth mother , and thus quickly became Canon Discontinuity.

It's the original timeline where Twilight, after defeating an evil future version of herself and ascending into an Alicorn, eventually sacrificed herself to create Shining Armor and the Interviewers , which split off the timeline and created an alternate universe where Discord was defeated a thousand years before he was in the Bad Future. In Ruin Value , it is revealed at the end of the story that it is a stealth prequel to the entire canon series; the story is set millenia before the present in the show, when Luna, Celestia, and Discord were all young, and the ponies were the product of genetic engineering.

The game is therefore this trope, not to Touhou , but to Live A Live. Unlike the first two installments, which focus on Gordon Freeman's brother, John Freeman, this instead stars Henry Freeman and shows him rebelling against the "Combines. Films — Animated.

Stealth Sequel

We're then treated to Lego versions of clips from every previous Batman movie down to a live action clip of the series. To make it worse Alfred quotes them as happening in the real life years the movies were made, meaning the Batman must be older than he looks. The movie gives it a Broad Strokes approach with Peter having blond hair, artificial web shooters and the general Alternate Universe nature of the setting. The Peter Parker one dimension over even has a history similar to the plot in a script Raimi turned down to make into a fourth film.

As well as Eugene and Rapunzel from Tangled making a cameo at Elsa's coronation in Frozen , director Chris Buck says that Anna and Elsa's parents washed up on island with their new baby, Tarzan. The Book of Life director, Jorge R. Films — Live-Action. Tim Burton 's Alice in Wonderland isn't too stealthy about it since Alice is older, but she starts off her adventure in nearly the same way as the original book. A viewer could assume it's a Hotter and Sexier version until a scene where, while Alice is struggling with changing size, the Dodo remarks, "You'd think she'd remember all of this from the first time.

The main stealth part comes from the fact that the movie is not a full reboot, but rather an Alternate Timeline created by the Big Bad 's accidental alteration of the past, generating a new parallel space-time continuum that bypasses each of the preceding movies and shows except for one. It also offers a conclusion to the Federation's conflict with the Romulan Empire, which had been gradually developing for over 40 years since Star Trek: The Original Series.

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They were downplaying the fact that it was Star Trek film as Trek films were considered to perform badly overseas. There was also a prologue added you can see it here to explain the events of Star Trek III as it was felt that not enough people outside the U. Catwoman is a stealth sequel to the Batman films, notably, Batman Returns. Her origin is identical to the one played by Michelle Pfeiffer, the Catwoman persona is said to be a Legacy Character , and in the pictures of former "Catwomen", we see Michelle Pfeiffer's. Basement Jack is a loose sequel to Evilution , the two film featuring the same old apartment building and creepy manager and his equally creepy display room of murderous artifacts, which he adds more weapons to at the end of both films a vial of alien virus in Evilution , and the eponymous character's sword in Basement Jack.

Richard Jenko from the show's first season. Charlie's Angels is implied to be a sequel to the show by having the same person play Charlie and by the sequel showing that these were not the first Angels. The Scooby-Doo live-action movie takes place after the original series, as most of those villains re-appear in the sequel. The version of Shaft played by Samuel L.

Jackson is the original Shaft's nephew. And while we're talkin' 'bout Shaft , according to Word of God , Django and Broomhilda are ancestors of both of them. Likewise, Evil Dead was advertised as a remake of The Evil Dead , but The Stinger shows an aged version of Ash Williams, the protagonist of the original trilogy. Originally there was going to be a different post-credits scene which would have made this more explicit.

The original idea was that Mia, the Final Girl , would be walking alone down a road while covered in blood from the encounter with the Deadites, only for an S-Mart truck to pull over next to her. The window would then roll down to reveal Ash, who would ask Mia if she needed help. The film version of The Dark Tower is one to the books themselves, first hinted at when Stephen King tweeted an image of the Horn of Gilead, which Roland gained in the final chapter of the final novel.

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The Twist Ending of Split reveals it to be a a stealth sequel to Unbreakable. This is further supported that Chan's character in both films having the same name and profession, along with the presence of the painting of Princess Ok-soo in his office.