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The pope had received a number of complaints from French and English clergy over lay taxes and thus issued the bull Clericis lacios in declaring that papal consent was necessary for this. Philip however became infuriated and issued loud arguments in defense of his actions, leaving the clergy divided over the matter. Eventually the pope withdrew his objection. In , fresh trouble erupted when the Bishop of Pamiers was accused by the King of heresy and treason, leading to another protest from Boniface VIII that Church property could not be confiscated without Rome's permission and all Christian rulers were subordinate to papal authority.

The pope summoned French clergy to the Vatican to debate a reform of the kingdom. Once again the prelates were left divided between loyalty to their country and loyalty to the Church. Those who took the side of Philip met in a large assembly in Paris along with other segments of French society criticizing the Pope, who responded by excommunicating the king and all clergy who had supported him. The following year, Philip struck back with a vengeance. Prelates loyal to the crown formed a scheme to bring Boniface to trial, and the Pope was summarily arrested at Anagni that September. He was beaten by his jailers and threatened with execution if he did not resign the papacy, but he refused.

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The year-old Pope was released from captivity after only a few days and died several weeks later. Philip ensured that he would never again have trouble with the Church by promoting Raymond Bertrand de Got, archbishop of Bordeaux, as the next Pope. The papal concave was evenly divided between French and Italian cardinals, but the latter acquiesced and de Got became Pope Clement V. Thus, Philip successfully installed an obedient French puppet in the papacy that was moved to Avignon.

This king signed the Auld Alliance , and established the Parlement of Paris.

One of the more bizarre episodes of Philip's reign was his involvement in the destruction of the Knights Templar. The Templars had been founded during the Crusades more than a century earlier, but now consisted of old men who's prestige was greatly diminished after the fall of the Holy Land and no longer seemed to serve any useful purpose worth their privileges.

Unable to find suitable evidence of misdeeds by the Templars to justify disposing of the order, Philip had to resort to a mass meeting at Tours in to rally support. Finally in , Clement V, despite his misgivings, issued a bull ordering their dissolution. The Templars' possessions were handed over to the Knights Hospitallers and their remaining members imprisoned or executed for heresy.

In , Philip IV died abruptly in a hunting accident at the age of 47 and the throne passed to his son Louis X — Louis's brief reign saw further unsuccessful attempts to assert control over Flanders as the king mobilized an army along the border, but supply problems caused the effort to break down. Louis died in the summer of at only 26 of an unknown illness possibly gastroenteritis after consuming a large quantity of chilled wine following a game of tennis on an extremely hot day. The king's wife was then pregnant and gave birth to a son, John, in November, but he died after a week and the throne passed to his brother Philip.

He made plans for a new crusade to relieve the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, but the Flanders situation remained unstable and an attempted French naval expedition to the Middle East was destroyed off Genoa in At this point, peasants and soldiers originally intended to invade Flanders rose in another self-proclaimed crusade Pastoreux which once again turned into an assault on the nobility, tax collectors, and Jews.

In , a rumor began spreading through the country that Jews in the employ of foreign Muslim rulers were using lepers to poison drinking wells. With the Pastoreux still fresh in everyone's mind, a volatile situation had formed especially as Philip V granted tolerance to Jews and even employed a number of them in his service.

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With the king facing potential disaster no matter what side he took, his health began to fail from stress and he succumbed at the start of , only 29 years old. Having failed to produce a son that survived infancy, Philip was succeeded by his brother and the youngest of Philip IV's sons Charles IV — The new king faced much of the same problems as his predecessors namely the quarrels over Flanders and Gascony. Having put an end to the chaos in southern France that his brother faced, he turned his attention to Flanders, but then a revolt broke out in Gascony over the unwelcome construction of a fortress on the border by a French vassal.

The king's uncle Charles of Valois invaded the province, whereupon the former declared Edward II's claims to it null and void. Although Charles IV's sister married the English king, he still refused to return Gascony and finally came to an agreement to divide it up among the two rulers. Charles was also eager to begin a new crusade in the Levant and had once plotted to become Byzantine emperor. He failed to work out an agreement with the Pope over funding the expedition however, and his attention was distracted by the events in Gascony.

But in , a French ambassador traveled to Constantinople and found the Byzantine Empire beset by civil wars. The following year, Charles IV died, ending any plans for crusades in the region.

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The death of Charles IV in without male heirs ended the main Capetian line. This, in addition to a long-standing dispute over the rights to Gascony in the south of France, and the relationship between England and the Flemish cloth towns, led to the Hundred Years' War of — The following century was to see devastating warfare and peasant revolts the English peasants' revolt of and the Jacquerie of in France.

French losses in the first phase of the conflict —60 were partly reversed in the second —96 ; but Henry V 's shattering victory at the battle of Agincourt in against a France now bitterly divided between rival Armagnac and Burgundian factions of the royal house was to lead to his son Henry VI 's recognition as king in Paris seven years later under the Treaty of Troyes , reducing Valois rule to the lands south of the Loire River Valley. Subsequently, captured by the Burgundians and sold to their English allies, her execution for heresy in redoubled her value as the embodiment of France's cause.

Reconciliation in between the king and Philippe the Good , duke of Burgundy, removed the greatest obstacle to French recovery, leading to the recapture of Paris , Normandy and Guienne , reducing England's foothold to a small area around Calais lost also in After victory over England, France's emergence as a powerful national monarchy was crowned by the "incorporation" of the Duchies of Burgundy and Brittany , which had previously been independent European states.

The losses of the century of war were enormous, particularly owing to the plague the Black Death , usually considered an outbreak of bubonic plague , which arrived from Italy in , spreading rapidly up the Rhone valley and thence across most of the country: The tensions between the Houses of Plantagenet and Capet climaxed during the so-called Hundred Years' War actually several distinct wars over the period to when the Plantagenets claimed the throne of France from the Valois. This was also the time of the Black Death , as well as several civil wars. The French population suffered much from these wars.

It has been argued that the difficult conditions the French population suffered during the Hundred Years' War awakened French nationalism, a nationalism represented by Joan of Arc — Although this is debatable, the Hundred Years' War is remembered more as a Franco-English war than as a succession of feudal struggles. During this war, France evolved politically and militarily.

Charles VII reigned — established the first French standing army, the Compagnies d'ordonnance , and defeated the Plantagenets once at Patay and again, using cannons, at Formigny The Battle of Castillon was regarded as the last engagement of this "war", yet Calais and the Channel Islands remained ruled by the Plantagenets. In the Middle Ages, France was primarily made up of a Christian population that maintained a positive relationship with the Jewish minority.

In a historical sense, Christians and Jews both made generalizations about the success of their community relations in Medieval France. Poids total: environ 26 kg. Seller Inventory ABC About this Item: Paris: Collection Hetzel, s. Reliure solide. Published by Wien u. About this Item: Wien u. Reise um den Mond. Fromm Published by Lausanne, Rencontre s. About this Item: Lausanne, Rencontre s. Published by Paris.

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About this Item: Paris. Seller Inventory AB. Published by Paris, Hachette. About this Item: Paris, Hachette. Schwarz- u. Gelenk angebrochen.

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Published by Collection Hetzel About this Item: Collection Hetzel, Condition: Very Good. This is the acknowledged undated First Book edition of these two adventures which had appeared earlier in serial format. This is the French first edition as already stated. The condition of the book contents is very good although there is light foxing on approx 6 pages. This much sought after item would have been far more expensive if the original owner had not decided to rebind this copy in a half brown leather binding. Most collectors want the original turn of the century illustrated Hetzel cover.

This is a very special item and the price will naturally include special delivery by DHL. Seller Inventory ABE Hetzel et Cie, Hetzel et Cie, , Published by Paris: Hetzel, From: Antiquariat von Matt Stans, Switzerland. About this Item: Paris: Hetzel, Condition: 0. Mit 80 Holzstichillustr.

Les voyages extraordinaires. Seltenes u. Goldschnitt, schwach berieben. Seller Inventory A. Trajet direct en 97 heures 20 minutes.

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Gold- u. Published by Paris, Hetzel, um About this Item: Paris, Hetzel, um Riou u. Kopfgoldschnitt berieben. Die ersten und die letzten Seiten fleckig. Einband signiert von A.

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About this Item: Wien. Leipzig, Hartleben Mit 90 Holzstich-Illustrationen. Rotbrauner Orig. Schwarz und Schrift in Blau, Rot u.

Gold, dreiseit. Bekannte und unbekannte Welten. Abenteuerliche Reisen von Julius Verne, Sprache: de. Hetzel et Cie Ownership, or use rights, over land was a dominant issue in village politics throughout France from the Middle Ages onwards.