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Kopiertheorie gegen Rekonstruktion. Linguistics 31, Improper Movement and Unambiguous Binding. Linguistic Inquiry 24, Project Alpha vs.

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Abstrakte Inkorporation. Working Papers On Accelerating and Decelerating Movement.

When states use legal forms – Essay on Abbot et al’s model of The Concept of Legalization

A Local Reformulation of the Williams Cycle. Earlier version of Global Impoverishment in Sierra Popoluca. Earlier version of [31]. In Anoop Mahajan ed. German Word Order and Optimality Theory. Parallel Movement. Minimalismus in der Syntax. SfS-Report A-bar Chain Formation without Economy. Groninger Arbeiten zur Germanistischen Linguistik 35, Improper Movement. Working Papers of the Fachgruppe Sprachwissenschaft vol.

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